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Food wrap supplies are extremely useful for hospitality businesses when it comes to maintaining the freshness of cooked and uncooked foods alike. This prevents unnecessary wastage and ensures that customers receive the highest quality foods. At Compass Hospitality Supplies, we stock a wide range of wholesale food wrap solutions to meet your needs. From cling wrap and catering foil through to greaseproof paper and butchers paper in Sydney, there’s no shortage of options available for hospitality businesses to benefit from.

Our Quality Products

Our goal is to help hospitality businesses conserve and preserve their food items. We supply butchers paper and wraps that help foods stay fresher for longer, delaying spoilage and prolonging their shelf life. In addition, our products are recycled, recyclable and compostable. This means they’re eco-friendly and can be used over and over again, reducing resource consumption and limiting damage to the local environment. Our selection of green environmentally friendly food wrap supplies encompasses the following product sub-categories:

Butchers Paper

We stock wholesale butchers paper in various sizes for delicatessen applications such as wrapping cold meats. These are excellent value and highly useful for preserving product freshness. Our recycled butcher paper is also widely used by fish-and-chip shops to wrap hot chips. This helps to retain heat and moisture better than boxes, stopping them from getting cold or drying out too quickly. We also offer printed butcher paper that can include the name and logo of your business with a custom design.

Cling Wrap and Catering Foil

Do you want to reheat foods in a microwave? Do you need to refrigerate leftovers without reducing quality? We offer cling wrap and cling wrap dispensers to help seal food items and protect them from chemical, biological and physical contamination. We can also provide catering aluminium foil for food preparation and storage, creating an effective barrier against germs and moisture for food stored in containers. Our cling wrap and foil products are perfect for restaurants, hotels, patisseries and more. 

Greaseproof Paper

Are you tired of serving foods with food packaging that becomes saturated with oil and grease? Our greaseproof paper solutions feature low porosity and are impermeable to these messy elements. These are suitable for sandwiches, hamburgers, wraps, kebabs and more.

Our Points of Difference

Compass Hospitality Supplies has earned a reputation as the number one choice for butcher paper food grade options and other wholesale food wrap supplies. Our Australian owned and operated company is backed by over a decade of experience, exceptional customer service, and an uncompromising approach. We always strive to be fair, honest and reliable. In addition, we can provide fast delivery Sydney wide, including West Sydney, North Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Get in Touch With Us Today

You can’t go wrong choosing Compass Hospitality Supplies for wholesale food wrap supplies, including butchers paper in Sydney and more. Get in touch with our friendly manufacturers and suppliers for more details about our quality products. You can do this by calling (02) 4774 9222 or filling out our simple online contact form. We’ll aim to send an informative response and get your questions answered in next to no time.